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Voidwatch Strategies FFXI
It's been a long time since I have last updated, but because I felt as if there was a need for it, I wanted to start up my LJ again because of my own frustration of finding information on Voidwatch NM's. It would have been nice to see a detailed report on each of these NM's and how each LS was able to approach these fights and develop their own strategies in order to be beat them. As a result, instead of rummaging through BG forums for information that is simply unorganized and fragmented, I felt that there needed to be a place where all these strategies are discussed in detail and with clear and apparent chapters.

That being said, I don't want to be rummaging through 60 pages of forums using the "search" function to find the information I need. All in all, I just want to do a search on Google for "Kaggen Strategy FFXI" or "Qilin Strategy FFXI" or "Voidwatch FFXI Strategy" and get a decent page on this. Because of this I wanted to undertake this task myself and hopefully, with your help, we can create a data base that is open for discussion with clear battle strategies that have been proven to work. Hopefully, the strategies that I will post will be worth everyone's time and create the ultimate goal of being a useful resource.

I'll give you first hand account information of voidwatch NM's as we defeat them. There are several objectives that I want to undertake:

1. Position - Placement of players is critical for success.
2. Alliance Setup - The choice of jobs becomes extremely important in strategy in these fights. I will explain the critical roles of certain jobs.
3. Equipment - There are some critical roles that will need very specific gear sets. Many of these battles will involve Aegis, Apocs, Amanos,
Gjallerhorns, Ochains, Yoichinoyumis. I will try to make these strategies accessible to even people without these weapons/armor. Sometimes, if these weapons are abused (in a way that no other weapon can perform as well), I will try to give alternative strategies.

For now, I will be focusing on Jeuno and Zilart NM's (Since our LS is currently targeting these) and later, if this ends up being popular enough, I will write guides for people who want specific NM's. I hope everyone finds these guides useful.

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Just recently returned to FFXI myself.. wasn't able to get my old 75 RDM back, but oh well, having fun seeing things I haven't in six years. Something to look forward to, in several months; I wish you the best of luck in both your guides and your NM kills / loot drops!

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