Endpoint on parses don't show a lot of information of the fight and I've been starting to use the charted damage graph as a gauge on how people do. I think analyzing the slope at any particular time of a parse tells you the output that some jobs can do over others. For example, a DRK/SAM has a high advantage at the start of a parse when they use souleater/last resort. At these few seconds, the DRK is hard to overcome in terms of parsing. However, as time wears off and these abilities wear off, more consistent damage such as SAM and WAR starts predominate.

I wonder....
If RNG with a MND set an holy bolts would do well against a mob like Botulus Rex which is extremely susceptible to magic damage...

That aside, currently, I found this new food:

that apparently has un-capped attack for mithra:

This could be a very good alternative food choice for mithra in this case. Knowing that these things are sold in Kazham, makes me wonder if any of the other food that is sold in kazham enhances mithran stats... hmmm!

Ukon Vere Nerf

I, as a person that has parsed every fight (over 50 battles in VWNM higher tiers each week) with the strongest players in Lunarians LS for months, I can attest that this nerf was highly needed. I do not think that Tanaka is doing a poor job in game balancing and the game is actually going in a good direction. Here are a few tidbits of examples of how this is so:

Lv95 Ukon vs Lv95 Amano parse:
I was disillusioned after seeing this parse. Both players have the best gear for their respective jobs and both are very skilled at playing. I tried my best to find out where amano stood by eating Red Curry Buns and doing my best in DD. After seeing the parse result, I found the result: Amano + Ukon was tied. However, it turns out that the lv95Ukon wasn't eating food or using a TP set because he was too lazy to change gears. He was using a P.def set with Twilight set only.

When someone noted that he was parsed and was on par with a 95amano, he ate food and started to use a TP/WS set. At the end of the Qilin battle (without using 2 hours), he was a full 12k damage ahead of me, and over 30k damage over any other DD.

What this nerf will do is put WAR back as a top DD, but not overwhelming as it was before. It is also unknown what the 99 relics will be capable of. Perhaps at 99 there will be something else for WAR.

Tachi: Shoha
Tachi: Shoha is not as strong as people make it out to be. By comparing to Abyssea mobs (OMG THIS GUY GOT 7K IN DOLL PARTY) is ridiculous because any other DD such as a Kannagi NIN can do the same. Also, in order to get these insane numbers, the SAM typically has to save TP up to 300TP which is losing 2 WS's for the price of one big e-peen value.

I have parsed the same with 5/5 Tachi:Shoha with one of the best Apocs I know of with Entropy 5/5 and the parsing is close. Apocs are still top gun-- we just see too many sucky ones. Right now, Ukon and Tachi: Shoha are very similar in playing field with still advantages to Ukon. I don't think that this nerf will make ukon obsolete. I do know however, that there will be more bandwagoners for SAM again because just about "Anyone" can get this Reliclike damage WS. But either way, the well geared relic/empyrean wielders will likley win anyway.


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So far, the new VWNM has been really fun. Jeuno Tier IV is pretty straight-foward fights with extra care to be taken to have sushi available for the bettle NM. (Which also drops the Haste +4 +8ACC dusk gloves replacement).

What I do like is the difficulty of Tier VI VNM in Valkurm and Buburimu. The past zones Tier VI's are a cakewalk and can beaten pretty much the same way that Kaggen/Aello had been beaten previously. The strategies for the Tier VI Valk and Buburimu may require some tweaking because these mobs are really really nasty. (Or you simply just need skilled up/geared lvl 99's).

I have written a guide for Pil but it needs a lot of editing so will be up soon. I was thinking about making a website for it instead of Livejournal though-- have not decided how I was going to do it. However, in a recent pickup, I was able to parse the damage of several Pils. The strategy is designed around procing and was a very good setup. The funny thing was that the shout "required" all DD's to have empyreans/relics/mythics. It was an interesting shout, and I'm sure the guy got a lot of hate /tells but whatever he did works so I have no qualms about it.

The first fight included the WAR dying. It seems that the strategy they employed was mostly a procing strategy with a bulk of the damage coming from 1 single WAR. I'm absolutely sure that an Ukon WAR will beat a Yoichi RNG in pure damage if it wasn't Pil (which has frontal doom gaze/terror, high AOE, and amnesia). But for a utility fight like this, I felt RNG was quite good because you can stack more than one easily while you can only have a limited amount of melees attacking at any moment's time.

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Partial Chain Stagger:

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This 3rd one was completely chain staggered:

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Conclusion: If you chain stagger, WAR will undoubtedly win. Over a longer controlled fight, RNG should win.

Voidwatch Strategies FFXI
It's been a long time since I have last updated, but because I felt as if there was a need for it, I wanted to start up my LJ again because of my own frustration of finding information on Voidwatch NM's. It would have been nice to see a detailed report on each of these NM's and how each LS was able to approach these fights and develop their own strategies in order to be beat them. As a result, instead of rummaging through BG forums for information that is simply unorganized and fragmented, I felt that there needed to be a place where all these strategies are discussed in detail and with clear and apparent chapters.

That being said, I don't want to be rummaging through 60 pages of forums using the "search" function to find the information I need. All in all, I just want to do a search on Google for "Kaggen Strategy FFXI" or "Qilin Strategy FFXI" or "Voidwatch FFXI Strategy" and get a decent page on this. Because of this I wanted to undertake this task myself and hopefully, with your help, we can create a data base that is open for discussion with clear battle strategies that have been proven to work. Hopefully, the strategies that I will post will be worth everyone's time and create the ultimate goal of being a useful resource.

I'll give you first hand account information of voidwatch NM's as we defeat them. There are several objectives that I want to undertake:

1. Position - Placement of players is critical for success.
2. Alliance Setup - The choice of jobs becomes extremely important in strategy in these fights. I will explain the critical roles of certain jobs.
3. Equipment - There are some critical roles that will need very specific gear sets. Many of these battles will involve Aegis, Apocs, Amanos,
Gjallerhorns, Ochains, Yoichinoyumis. I will try to make these strategies accessible to even people without these weapons/armor. Sometimes, if these weapons are abused (in a way that no other weapon can perform as well), I will try to give alternative strategies.

For now, I will be focusing on Jeuno and Zilart NM's (Since our LS is currently targeting these) and later, if this ends up being popular enough, I will write guides for people who want specific NM's. I hope everyone finds these guides useful.

It's that time of year again...

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Post your stats and I'll make an excel spreadsheet and chart all our statistics to compare!

It's nice when developers have a sense of humor...

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Have you ever thought....
When human anime characters have animal ears, they will ALWAYS have sideburns? This is because when they have ears on top of their head (like cat or dog ears), they have to cover the original position of the ear. Without a ear at the side of the head, the head figure would be distorted. But it would also be weird if you had 4 ears. Something to think about...

I wanted to show you something....
Hey all, I wanted to show you something which involved my work that got me really excited this week. If you're into mind games, vision tricks, this is a pretty good application of this. If you know anything about 3D or those magic eye things, this is something related to that.

First, here is a picture of the enzyme I'm working with: it's a cellulose degrading enzyme that we are trying to mutate to break down plant matter better into sugars and ultimately into ethanol. The ethanol in then used as fuel in replacement of gasoline, a cleaner alternative to our environment.

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At first, you may think it's a double image that I had mistakenly posted twice, but they are ever so slightly different. If you place your face about ~2 1/2 feet from your screen and center yourself between the two molecules and cross your eyes, you will see a three dimensional image of the same molecule.

Normally, when you cross your eyes, you will see double. When you cross your eyes in front of these images, a third image will appear in the middle with 3D shape. Here are a few others that I found on the net.

(Taken from

And finally, one that doesn't involve molecular models:

(taken from the Swiss PDB viewer site)


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